• ANNUAL SCREENING MAMMOGRAMS for women aged 40 and above,
    for early detection of breast cancer.
  • DIAGNOSTIC MAMMOGRAMS for breast complaints such as lumps, pain,
    nipple discharge, skin changes, etc.
  • BREAST ULTRASOUNDS for women of all ages that display
    breast symptoms, especially younger women with dense breasts not readily clear on mammograms.
  • BIOPSY - ultrasound-guided or stereotactic biopsy
    of breast lumps for definitive diagnosis.

  • General Abdominal
  • Obstetric Pelvic
  • Gynaecological Thyroid Duplex Doppler etc
  • BONE DENSITOMETRY scans for ladies at risk for osteoporosis.
  • MAMMOGRAPHY AND ULTRASOUND before and after breast augmentation
    (incl. Implants) as well as post-op follow-ups after breast surgery of any kind
    (I.e. post- Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, breast conservation surgery, etc.)
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